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You want to plan a vessel’s employment and keep track of orders?


Transportation Orders

You want to administrate your transportation orders and create voyages?

Transportation Orders

Cost & Revenue

You want to evaluate the profitability of voyages by calculating cost and revenue?

Cost & Revenue


You want to improve communication between offices globally and increase transparency of operations?



The marketplace for global logistics is characterized by fierce competition and a constantly changing environment.

To survive in this competitive market, service providers must increase their internal productivity and make the most of market opportunities.


For this purpose productivity must be optimized by implementing an easy to use planning system that recognizes and responds to new developments in the market.

The regional demand for transport services has to be monitored closely and matched against the current and future availability of recources.

It should help the shipping company to make an attractive offer to a potential customer and ultimately leading to the placing of the order.

In general the planning system has to support the decision-making process, increase transparency for all connected offices, agencies and customers and simplify the communication between parties.


The ShipOperating­­Suite is a browser based internet application that fulfills all these requirements. The ShipOperatingSuite can be reached through our Internet-Portal.

The Suite contains all operational data such as customers, contracts, transportation orders, vessels and routes, as well as risk areas and other regionally specific conditions. It offers all necessary functions for anlaysis, prognosis, evaluation and calculation.

The ShipOperatingSuite is a „Rich Internet Application“ in Flash/Flex technology that is implemented on google maps in a modular structure.

Interfaces connect the ShipOperatingSuite with other services providing data for distances, routes and vessel positions (AIS and Inmarsat C).

Contact us for more information about the ShipOperatingSuite and login details.